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About us

ASSET is a group of trainer/assessors with many decades of industry experience who are committed to a high standard of e-learning. Asset uses registered WorkSafe/WorkCover Assessors to develop assessments so that they meet the current industry standards in accordance with relevant Australian and National Standards.

ASSET stands for Accredited Safety, Skills and Environmental Training. was created to:

1. Help you study & gain an understanding of what is in the assessment.

2. Refresh your memory and skills if you haven’t studied for a while.

3. Prepare you if you are moving up a licence class. eg. from Dogging (DG) to Basic Rigging (RB) or from a C6 licence to a C1 licence.

4. Verify competency. You can use your certificate to show an employer that you are still competent. Or if you are an employer, you can use it to test your employees.

Remember that the focus of all of the assessments is the same – the safety of you and others at work.

If you spot an error or have any suggestions, feel free to drop the SKILLtester team an email at

Good luck!


The SKILLtester Team

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